A Dialogue with a Saudi Muslim (9)

Part One,  which has a brief Introduction; Part Two; Part Three; Part Four; Part Five; Part Six; Part Seven; Part Eight    Soliman al—Buthe (or al—Buthi) wrote an Open Letter to Congress in 2005. Then he initiated a dialogue with me, so we decided on this sequence.   1. In 2005, I commented and asked questions about the Open Letter (in blue).   2. Months later in that same year, Mr. al—Buthe answered my questions and challenged me on various issues (in green). He sought the advice of Saudi scholars, as well.   3. Finally, in 2006, I reply to his challenges and questions (in black). Sometimes I embed this portion in our 2005 dialogue. I too receive help from colleagues.   Open Letter to Congress (continued): Peace in the Middle East The just resolution of the Palestinian issue is pivotal to solving many of the problems we witness today. The scholars of Saudi Arabia have always been concerned with the issue, and the Kingdom's...(Read Full Article)