The Hope and the Siege

Israel's national anthem, Hatikvah, ("The Hope"), was written in 1886 by Naphtali Herz Imber, an English poet, originally from Bohemia.  Or it may have been first written in 1878 by Imber, a Galician, while living in the Ukraine. With google searches, one can only hope to learn the truth about something like this.   In any case, it was at first a nine stanza poem called Tikvatenu. In 1897, at the first Zionist Congress, Hatikvah was adopted as the anthem of Zionism. And at that time, The Hope of the delegates to the Zionist Congress was for a return to Zion, and the rebirth of the Jewish state. The text of Hatikvah was edited by some settlers in pre—state Palestine, and in 1948, it was proclaimed as the national anthem of Israel after the modern state of Israel was created.  By then, Hatikvah had been shortened to the first stanza of the original poem, and its chorus. And after 1948, The Hope was for Israel to be a free nation in its own homeland, no longer...(Read Full Article)