Take One, They're Free

The Democratic Party probably thinks that this year's November elections will herald their return to Prime Time. Faced with a Republican Party beset by deep divisions over immigration reform, their all—too—well publicized difficulties on Valerie Plame, Hurricane Katrina, the NSA wire—tapping situation, Tom DeLay's fund—raising and redistricting adventures, and others too numerous to list here, you'd think, reading the press, that for Republicans, this is an off—year election Little Big Horn just waiting to happen. Then the Supreme Court issued its Hamdan v. Rumsfeld decision, which seemingly gave the Bush administration a defeat over the use of military tribunals for the terrorists held at Guantanamo Bay. And make no mistake, as reported in the Wall Street Journal's Opinionjournal.com, the pro—Democrat antique media flexed its considerable arbitrary muscle in describing the Supreme's decision in the most anti—Bush Administration terms...(Read Full Article)