Outrage, Apathy and Elections

Bush approval ratings are up! The Democrats are in disarray! The Republican leadership announces, happily, that they have been buoyed by recent events regarding their chances in the upcoming elections.     They are kidding themselves. Tragically, the damage done to the conservative cause by the White House and Congressional Republicans is much deeper than they seem to realize. The essential ingredients to winning elections include many elements; energy, hope, meaning, purpose, and most importantly, belief. Voters want to believe they are making a difference. They need to trust that candidates they support will sincerely follow through on positions and policies they espouse during the campaign. For conservatives, this trust has been lost. The scales have fallen from the eyes of many former believers and they have been burned beyond salvage. The jig is up     It is inexplicable, but somehow Republican leadership just doesn't understand that vast...(Read Full Article)