No Cry for Jihad: On Religious War, Part 2

Part 1 is found here. According to religious war theorists (they've clearly earned such an appellation by now), what's occurring in southern Lebanon is another step in the advance of jihad. Israel, battered on all sides, back against the wall, has been goaded into a reckless attack on a Jihadi stronghold, and is now hurtling toward the abyss. From one end of the Middle East to the other, the Arab street is ablaze. Muslim governments stand en bloc behind Lebanon and Hezbollah. Millions of Jihadis, overwhelmed by religious frenzy, are making their way toward the front, ready for the final reckoning. Iraqi Shi'ites have turned en masse against Coalition forces, driving them out of Basra and the southern provinces. Iranian forces have crossed the border in an unstoppable tide. The green banner glows on the world's horizon, heralding a triumph unseen by the Muslim umma since the heyday of Saladin.... Well, not quite. In fact, nothing at all like this is happening. Hezbollah is hunkering...(Read Full Article)