Vigilantes in Baghdad

Recent reports from Baghdad have made passing mention of the appearance of vigilantes in some of the city's neighborhoods. Streets have been blockaded by residents, and only individuals with legitimate business are allowed in. Unofficial curfews have been set, with intruders shot on sight after a certain hour. Beyond that, details are vague — the topic is covered only briefly, as in final lines of this piece.  Mainstream reporters don't seem to see anything very newsworthy in the story. Criminals running loose Something that's often forgotten concerning the unrest in Iraq is that much of it — in Baghdad in particular — involves not Al—Queda or even the Sunni resisters but the more than 100,000 criminals released by Saddam Hussein, an action he took twice, once in October 2002 and again just days before his fall. While this might seem difficult to top for sheer cynicism, it's in fact a move common to threatened dictators going back at least as far as...(Read Full Article)