The Duke Rape Case Travesty

In the days after the alleged rape in Durham, North Carolina occurred, now—infamous District Attorney, Mike Nifong, must have believed he had died and gone to litigators' heaven. There he sat, weeks from a city election, in a town unmatched by many in terms of racial, social and class division, surrounded by a university of unquestioned elitism and political correctness, with a potential bombshell of a case on his desk. Even better, the claim involved not only cocky student—athletes, but white lacrosse players, many hailing from the north. While other accusations and scandals involving university sports programs are quickly quelled by coaches, administrators and other district attorneys, Nifong, who later won the Democratic primary election, jumped on this rare political opportunity. With 45 white players summoned for DNA tests (the sole black player was excluded since the alleged victim determined all her perpetrators were white), Nifong, with the aid of the media and...(Read Full Article)