The Counter-insurgency Bugaboo

The First Gulf War should have exorcised the old Vietnam War ghosts out of our military psyche.  But to listen to the generals on the media circuit and in think tank seminars talking about the Iraqi 'insurgency,' it seems we are suffering from a huge national—level flashback.  The military establishment is covering its unwillingness to fully prosecute the war to victory by claiming we are ill—prepared to fight an 'insurgency.' As in Vietnam, we may be snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, refusing to use our advantages to win, while public support is eroded with a focus on American casualties. Retired General Jack Keane, former Army Vice—Chief of Staff pronounced  last year that the US was, and still is, unable to deal with insurgency forces in Iraq.  The very term 'insurgency' conjures up visions of a jungle war in Southeast Asia against an elusive and noble peasant fighter moving amongst the people, gaining popular support for his cause of...(Read Full Article)