Take Off the 9/11 Tinfoil Hats

One of the many eye—popping statements made by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in his letter to the President was a curious passage about 9/11 that has gone largely unnoticed by the press: September eleven was not a simple operation. Could it be planned and executed without coordination with intelligence and security services — or their extensive infiltration? Of course this is just an educated guess. Why have the various aspects of the attacks been kept secret? Why are we not told who botched their responsibilities? And, why aren't those responsible and the guilty parties identified and put on trial? The messianic Iranian President is actually hinting at a conspiracy involving governmental 'intelligence and security services.' Which government, he doesn't say. But judging from statements made all over the world by characters as diverse as a former Bush Administration economist at the Department of Labor and a former German Defense Minister, the belief that...(Read Full Article)