The Generals and CDI

A critical element of the 'General's Revolt' that has not received enough attention is the involvement of the Center for Defense Information (CDI).  The CDI is a Washington—based advocacy group that, like the Institute of Policy Studies or the National Resources Defense Council, is usually described with a bland, harmless—sounding tagline that hides more than it reveals. The CDI claims to be an organization making available continuing, objective information and analyses of our national defense when in fact for the past three decades it has been the Left's point organization for attacking military and defense policy. The CDI was founded in 1972 by Stewart Mott, a General Motors heir who used his unearned largesse to fund Left—wing policy organizations in hopes of keeping alive and if possible expanding the influence of the New Left in the post—Vietnam period. Mott's umbrella organization was the Fund for Peace, and the CDI's sister organizations...(Read Full Article)