Red State Taliban

The Red State Taliban has been arraigned as a Clear and Present Danger to the nation by Kevin Phillips in his new book American Theocracy. They had been evading detection in the Sun Belt since first surveilled by Mr. Phillips in The Emerging Republican Majority.  The New York Times Book Review, Bill Moyers on PBS Now, Amy Goodman at Democracy Now!, et. al., have been getting the word out.  Now.  Now! Here in an interview  with Ms. Goodman is a precis of author Phillips' trial brief: Well, this is very central to the whole Republican constituency.  What you've got is that 45% of American Christians believe in Armageddon, and the more religious ones, the fundamentalists and evangelicals more than anybody else.  So, my assumption is that the Bush electorate is probably 50 to 55% people who believe in Armageddon and probably more or less the same numbers who believe that the Antichrist is already on earth. He cites the popularity of the Left Behind...(Read Full Article)