Plantation America

Welcome to America!  Here in America we invite you to come to clean our toilets, pick our lettuce, and mow our lawns.  Come on in, folks; we need you to do the work we have become to lazy to do ourselves, and too cheap to pay for.  Come to work here at Plantation America! Is that what it has finally come to?  Has America become a continental plantation? Are we really comfortable with a plantation system, a system where one group exploits the labor of a minority for cheap commercial gain?  Is Plantation America, a system of cheap illegal labor, a good thing to put in place for ourselves and our national future? The whole "jobs Americans won't do" argument is, to put it mildly, a crock. Anyone who says Americans won't pick lettuce or sweep floors has never worked in a factory, or a mine, or waited tables.  When I was a young man I had a job cleaning the meat—cutting room at a grocery store; when I started it hadn't been done for some time and there...(Read Full Article)