This Spring Do It for the Children

It is the first week of spring, the season of rebirth.  But in Europe people can't be bothered.  The average number of children per woman in Spain is 1.15, in Germany 1.15, and in the United Kingdom 1.60, according to the Economist Pocket World in Figures for 2004.  Why is that?  Is it because of taxes?  Is it because of inadequate child care credits and facilities?  Is it because of the sexual revolution, contraception, and abortion? Here in the United States things are a little different.  Our women bear an average of 2.1 children in a lifetime.  The parking lots of our exurban malls are crammed with minivans.  But liberal cities like San Francisco and Seattle are more like Europe.  They sneer at malls and minivans, and don't have many children.  This is no accident.  The progressive culture teaches women to live a full life and not just limit themselves to a life of marriage and children. The difference is important. ...(Read Full Article)