The Motorcycle Diaries II: A Proposal for Robert Redford

Dear Mr. Redford, I have a movie idea for you. I'm in the process of writing a screenplay and wanted to run it by you with the hope that you would be interested in producing my project. I call it, The Motorcycle Diaries II and since you produced the original, I thought you, more than anyone else, deserved the first opportunity. I realize, of course, the original was theatrically irrelevant — and only marginally profitable — but the MTV generation has learned only of the first part of Che Guevara's brilliant life, and I think his subsequent years, historically speaking, were much more defining. My story begins with the Che and the freedom fighters (or is it 'fighters of freedom' — no matter) entering Havana. There, our hero, a communist of the rigid Stalinist camp, is standing proudly by the side of some guy with a beard. The guy with the beard is in charge, but 'the Che', ever the devout revolutionary, is very obviously his right hand man. Pan to the prison La...(Read Full Article)