The Anti-Semitism of the Presbyterian Church, USA

With the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church USA scheduled to convene in June for the first time since the 2004 GA passed a notorious anti—Israel divestment resolution, supporters and detractors of  divestment are discussing whether the Church's decision was anti—Semitic, or — somehow —  anti—Israel without being anti—Semitic. Curiously, despite the storm caused by the divestment vote, most Presbyterians remain unaware of the extent to which the PCUSA leadership has involved itself in old—fashioned theological anti—Semitism. The anti—Semitic alliances undertaken by the national church are particularly surprising  in light of the well—known open—minded and unbiased attitudes of the overwhelming majority of Presbyterians. One of the resolutions passed at the 2004 General Assembly included a list of recommended theological 'resources.' The most troubling 'resource' on the list is the Sabeel...(Read Full Article)