Stop the 22nd Amendment Chatter

We are at that stage in the political cycle when the supporters of the president, like Pejman Yousefzadeh, or even critics—with—a—book—out like Bruce Bartlett, start mourning that the 22nd Amendment—the one that limits the President of the United States to two terms—is severely cramping his power to get things done. And well may they mourn.  The glorious hopes of every political cycle inevitably evaporate into despair as 'events, dear boy, events' conspire to prevent the president from changing the world.  If only we could have got one more Big Push, the generals moan, we could have shoved the president's agenda over the top. America's political philosopher, Lee Harris, in an elegiac piece for President's Day, 'A Father without a Son,' reminded us why we have a 22nd Amendment.  It is because President Roosevelt violated the unwritten rule of presidential succession.  In 1940 he ran for a third term. Back in 1787, before we...(Read Full Article)