The Wal-Mart Shakedown

Look at Wal—Mart.  It has revolutionized retailing with relentless cost reduction and process improvement.  It helps keep the United States at No. 1 in wealth and productivity.  When it opens a store in ordinary America, about 4,000 people usually apply for the 400 jobs. But when Wal—Mart opens a store in underprivileged America, then the jobseekers tear the place down.  In Oakland, California, 11,000 people applied for jobs at a new Wal—Mart store.  But that was on the Left Coast, where people are supposed to be laid back. When Wal—Mart applied to build a store in Chicago, in the underprivileged South Side of 'The City That Works,' the Democrat—dominated city council said no thanks, we don't need your stink'n store and its jobs.  So Wal—Mart built a store right across the Chicago city line in Evergreen Park.  A total of 25,000 people applied for the 325 positions at the new store. And everybody's happy, right? No,...(Read Full Article)