The Kafkaesque Libby Prosecution Continues

Lewis 'Scooter' Libby is defending himself against a flawed indictment that never should have been brought by Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald. A former public official of impeccable integrity and brilliance is being pilloried on absurd charges. The need to defend his freedom from this unjustified legal jeopardy exacts a huge toll on his time, energy, finances, and every other aspect of the life of a man in his prime. Fitzgerald's case is very likely to be thrown out of court at some point or other. It is far from clear that the Prosecution could ever establish beyond a reasonable doubt that Libby's testimony was untrue or anything but an innocent misstatement, the product of confusion, a mistake or faulty memory. But beyond that, the case must fail because the prosecution has omitted the key step of establishing that an underlying crime warranting the investigation ever existed. In court filings, Fitzgerald admits he didn't even try to establish this necessary legal predicate, and...(Read Full Article)