Serving the Enemy on Film

Steven Spielberg portrays a sympathetic view of terrorists in Munich, George Clooney blames America for exploiting the Middle East, and a film glorifying suicide bombers gets the Golden Globe.  If all the latest anti—American themes coming out of Hollywood weren't enough, now information emerges that actors Billy Zane and Gary Busey have co—starred in a new anti—American and anti—Semitic foreign film produced and shot in Turkey.. The film, titled Valley of the Wolves—Iraq has a Turkish intelligence officer hunting down US troops who allegedly murdered innocents in Iraq. It culminates with the evil Americans, played by Zane and Busey, being killed at the end in a dramatic shootout with the Turkish protagonists. Busey's role calls for him to use his histrionic talents to portray a Jewish doctor who works at Abu Ghraib and removes body parts from innocent Muslims to sell to recipients in New York. Busey's career had already moved from being a 'B' actor...(Read Full Article)