Is there a 'conservative style' for America?

I'd like to take this opportunity to put in a word for the Ramones Conservatives. You've heard of them —— those Conservatives who walk in the footsteps of Johnny Ramone, the late and lamented guitarist for the eponymous pioneering punk—rock band. Johnny was a lifelong Republican who idolized Ronald Reagan. Despite his appearance, he had a deep understanding of conservative ideas and how they related to the issues of the moment, topics on which he was willing to expound in any company and under all circumstances to the endless annoyance of his bandmates, music industry nabobs, and the rock press. Few have been more forthright in their defense of this country's values than Johnny Ramone. So it's heartening to see thousands of Republicans, young and old, living up to his example in their torn jeans, biker jackets, and black sneakers, while banging away on the cheapest guitars they can find.... Okay, it's absurd. But no more so than two recent columns by notable...(Read Full Article)