David Irving Jailed in Austria for Holocaust Denial

Years ago, I picked up a book titled The Trail of the Fox, a biography of Erwin Rommel, the legendary German armored commander. I found it an  impressive read — lively and informative, thoroughly researched, and extremely well written.  But as I continued reading, a certain sense of disquiet crept over me. The writer held a fair number of odd ideas. He seemed to relish German victories more than was strictly necessary. He was more dismissive of British efforts than they deserved, even though (I checked to make sure) he himself was British. As the book approached its climax, he made protracted, even vehement efforts to deny that Rommel played any part in the officer's plot against Hitler, one of the major reasons (along with his chivalrous and humane behavior in the desert campaigns) he is held in such respect to this day. Even worse, the book treated the actual conspirators, the heroic but doomed von Stauffenberg and Beck, with open contempt, as if they were criminals,...(Read Full Article)