What Police State?

One of the most distressing characteristics of our liberal friends is that they would rather believe propaganda than believe the evidence of their own senses. For instance, the television will tell them that America is running out of room to put its garbage, they'll drive all over the place without ever seeing a landfill, and they'll still believe that we are running out of room to put our garbage. It is true that here in Austin, Texas the county dump is visible from Highway 290. Of course, the part nearest the road has been covered over and turned into a flea market, which is so popular on a Saturday afternoon that it causes traffic jams. No telling what the rest of it will become. Perhaps an amusement park or race track, but you can be sure that liberals will still be worried about where we'll put all our garbage, and they will still be proud of themselves for taking part in recycling programs that are so inefficient that they do more harm to the environment than good. Instead...(Read Full Article)