The Campaign Against Oprah and Elie

Major newspapers do not usually attack prominent, respected and even beloved figures in either popular culture or literature on their culture or editorial pages without solid evidence of some serious misdeeds, or at minimum hypocrisy. In recent days an unusual attack from two antique media leaders has been directed at two icons: one a literary giant, and the other the American cultural giant who moved a vast audience to read the giant's work. A few days ago, Oprah Winfrey chose Elie Wiesel's Night for her book club. The book is a chronicle of Mr. Wiesel's life in the Nazi death camps of Auschwitz and Buchenwald — a horrific experience during which his mother, father, sister and millions of others were murdered. Wiesel has used his considerable literary gifts (he has written over 40 books) and his moral stature to selflessly and quixotically campaign to end prejudice in the world, or at least prevent future genocides. He has won numerous awards, culminating in the 1986...(Read Full Article)