Ahmadinejad Awaits the Hidden Imam

At the end of his speech at the United Nations in the fall of 2005, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad made an invocation to Allah to bring about the speedy reappearance of the Hidden Imam.  The media and, sad to say, many academic persons were at a loss to explain this eschatological reference.  The situation was complicated by later interviews in which Ahmadinejad reported that many of his co—religionists claimed that while he was making those remarks, they could see about him an aura of light.  He recalled that he too was aware of a celestial light at that time.  He also pointed to the fact that the 'leaders of the world' were watching him at that time with a fixed gaze, apparently unable to look away. The immediate question: who is this Hidden Imam to whom he referred?  The American media, whose talking heads appear so authoritative on every subject, had no immediate answer.  Many of these same pundits watched in February, 1979, as over two...(Read Full Article)