Wal-Mart: America's Economic Secret Weapon

So now we know. About 56 percent of Americans supposedly 'believe that Wal—Mart is bad for America,' according to a Zogby poll conducted on behalf of wakeupwalmart.com, an activist group that is 'working to change Wal—Mart.'  Liberals can take heart that their years—long campaign against Wal—Mart is having an effect. You can see why liberals hate Wal—Mart. Wal—Mart believes in 'everyday low prices.' Everyday low prices means everyday low costs.  That means lowering costs in the two critical areas that are presently putting unionized companies out of business nationwide: sky—high health care and pension costs.  Wal—Mart offers its employees high—deductible health plans and no pension plan.  Instead it offers profit—sharing and 401(k) plans.  Obviously Wal—Mart is a missile aimed at every unionized retail establishment in America. For generations Americans have been taught a...(Read Full Article)