The Liberal Bubble

To a remarkable degree, America's liberal elites have constructed for themselves a comfortable, supportive, and self esteem—enhancing environment. The most prestigious and widest—reaching media outlets reinforce their views, rock stars and film makers provide lyrics and stories making their points, college professors tell them they are right, and the biggest foundations like Ford fund studies to prove them correct. It has been a disaster for them. American liberals are able to live their lives untroubled by what they regard as serious contrary opinion. The capture of the media, academic, and institutional high ground enables them to dismiss their conservative opponents as ill—informed, crude, bigoted, and evil. The memes are by now familiar. Rush Limbaugh and the other radio talkers 'preach hate.' Evangelicals are 'religious fanatics' comparable to the Islamo—fascists in their desire to impose 'theocracy.' Catholics observant of the teachings of their church...(Read Full Article)