Suffering and Jihad

[Editor's note: during the hoiliday period, we are republishing classic articles along with a few new ones. This article was written in January 2004, when Yasser Arafat was still alive] One of the arguments heard frequently since 9/11 is that there is a need for moderate Muslims to challenge and combat the radical Islamists who have become the vanguard of the world's fastest growing religion, and won millions of adherent on all continents. The argument made on behalf of the need for the moderates to speak out, is that the radicals have distorted or perverted the true teachings of Muhammad, and missed his message. Jack Wheeler disagrees [a subscription publication: only sample paragraphs available — ed]. He believes that the message of Muhammad's life and the message of his holy book is in fact quite consistent with the message that the most fervent imams in the mosques of Gaza City or Saudi Arabia are broadcasting.  That message includes such 'teachings' as: kill...(Read Full Article)