Kosher, Mevushal and Israeli Wines? Not What You Think

Ever since I became aware that the wonderful wines being produced in Israel today are beginning to enter the US market, I have been attempting to get wine lovers to try them. Nevertheless, I am not having much success. As soon as people hear the words 'kosher wines' or 'Israeli wines' they say 'ugh' and tune me out. Why is this? After asking a lot of questions and considering the answers, I think I know why.  It's not, as commonly believed, because 'kosher wines' connote an image of 'cloyingly sweet.'  We've gotten past that canard.  I believe it is the result of people being exposed only to kosher wines that have a 'cooked' taste. Why do they have a cooked taste? It's because they have been heated nearly to the boiling point, or pasteurized. It's called being mevushal, which means 'cooked' in Hebrew. Why, you may ask would anyone want to pasteurize wine? Well, it's because of a Rabbinic ruling made over 2000 years ago. You see, in those days many idol worshipers lived...(Read Full Article)