If 1941 Were 2005

As Iraqis vote today, enjoying the fruits of Coalition victory despite caterwauling to the contrary by many opponents of the Presaident Bush, one has to wonder whether we would have fought the Second World War if American Leftists then had the defeatist 'war—is—never—an—option' mindset that afflicts so many of them now. If 1941 were 2005, here are some of the questions and answers we'd have heard after Japan attacked us and Germany declared war on the United States: Q. 'Of course it's sad that the Japanese killed so many of our brave men and destroyed so much of our Pacific Fleet on December 7th. But it's our own fault. A.  As Doonesbury would say, 'We have seen the enemy and he is US. He's always US. Why, US is what the initials U.S. really stand for. Q. 'There's a world organization based in Geneva. Why in Heaven's name don't we take the Japanese and German grievances to the League of Nations immediately, and let the world organization work out an...(Read Full Article)