'Democrats' For Jihad and Jizya

Democracy does not always bring liberty and justice. According to available polling data, Hamas is poised to win a plurality of the votes in the forthcoming January 2006 Parliamentary elections for Gaza and the Palestinian Arab—controlled areas within Judea and Samaria. The prospect of such electoral results, despite Hamas' continuous, bloody record of jihad terrorism (which merely confirms its openly espoused genocidal charter), creates a conundrum for those policymakers extolling uncritically the virtues of 'democratization' in the Middle East, generally, and the areas under Palestinian Arab suzerainty, specifically. Frank apologists for Hamas are quick to stress how past 'liberation' movements were incorporated into electoral processes, while cynically ignoring Hamas' heinous ideology. But they will be forced to grapple with the organization's latest open pronouncements stating its plans for non—Muslim 'citizens' under any Hamas—lead governments...(Read Full Article)