Confession of a Crypto-conservative Woman

This is my town: It's a small, affluent community in a very liberal part of a Blue State.  Houses are spacious and well—maintained.  Nature is beautiful and abundant.  Streets are clean and safe.  Children are everywhere, and they are healthy, attractive and well—loved.  Neighbors always wave hello and, if they have the time, stop and say a few words.  Soccer is omnipresent, and soccer moms form close bonds (mostly through equally omnipresent car pools).  Schools are excellent, and every school bond vote passes.  It's Heaven. This is also my town: On the eve of last November's election, a six year old girl who lives around the corner ran up to me chanting, 'Bush is evil!  Bush is evil!'  I was at a party last year when a woman I know suddenly burst out, 'I hate Bush.  He's evil.  I wish he'd just drop dead' — and everyone around her verbally applauded that statement.  At a lunch with some very dear...(Read Full Article)