Two Questions for George Tenet

Finally, the spotlight has started to swing away from Lewis Libby and his allegedly perjurous grand—jury testimony toward where that spotlight should have focused all along: on the CIA's incompetent, weird — and possibly treasonous —— response to Vice President Cheney's inquiry about Iraq's interest in purchasing yellowcake from Niger. Perhaps an outline of how we did things at the CIA during the Reagan Administration will help to illustrate just how appalling the agency's handling of Mr. Cheney's query really was: One of the first lessons you learn in the intelligence business, is that top—level officials rarely bother to ask for intelligence.  They take whatever you provide — gratefully, when the intelligence is directly useful to them; sullenly, when they don't like what you tell them — but otherwise pay no attention to you.  Your job as a senior intelligence official is to develop whatever intelligence you believe the...(Read Full Article)