Mind Meld

During the Cold War, the "convergence" theory held that over time the Soviet Union and the United States would become more and more alike, ushering in an era of world peace. Liberals liked the theory because it meant that the Soviets would magically evolve in the direction of freedom and democracy, thereby making unnecessary our efforts to defend ourselves, and because it gave an air of inevitability to social programs in the United States, even making them instruments of world peace. While the Soviet Union and the United States were busy converging into nonexistence and lone superpower status, liberals, ever at the forefront of history, were busy anticipating the convergence by becoming more like the Soviets. Whatever the Soviets liked, liberals liked, and whatever the Soviets disliked, liberals disliked. The demise of the Soviet Union presented liberals with a problem and an opportunity. They solved the problem but neglected the opportunity. That Soviet collapse and American...(Read Full Article)