Chump City

An armed citizenry is the worst nightmare of those who circulate among us with felonious intent, especially violent, injurious intent; for crooks operating within an armed public must consider that violence, once instigated, may be returned upon them with serious, painful, even deadly consequences. Several years ago, I read a piece in Newsweek authored by a young, black reporter who had redeemed himself from a juvenile—onset career of crime in which his specialty was home burglary. Now fully rehabilitated, he confessed that the only real concern he had when selecting his targets was whether or not the occupants might be armed. If he thought that was a likelihood, he would seek less threatening, more vulnerable victims. I suspect that with the exception of the most foolhardy felons and the criminally psychotic, the contemplation of avoiding the inconvenient and troublesome consequences of gunshot is fairly widespread. That would account for the resulting declines in rates of...(Read Full Article)