We DO have some friends in France

I've now been "on the ground" here in the Land of Lafayette for 48 hours [I'm here for the semi annual meetings of the Military Knighthood Order of Knights Templar  www.osmth.org], and as both a retired military officer and an American proud of our country, I have been very much amazed and, I must admit, stunned and very much surprised at the warmth of the greetings and hospitality that I have seen in the local French. And yes, we're in Paris. Perhaps it may be that the Templar military background and conservative religious nature of the Order are part of the cause, but I've been both pleased and astounded with the number of French men and women that have come up to me and told me, some "whispering in confidence", that "we're going to be changing our government here and it's going to be much more pro—American and much more friendly to America than this current bunch".  Now, the meetings I'm at are NOT political — rather they are humanitarian and military and...(Read Full Article)