One person of substance can change the world

Fifty years ago, there was a day that began just like every other day in the life of the diminutive black lady in a southern city, where people of her color suffered indignities on a daily basis. It was 1955, and the struggle for civil rights was in its infancy. But it wasn't something she thought about constantly; she had enough to do to get to work each day and make a living. There were many others of her race that were involved in organized movements and protests that would, little by little, make progress toward a time when there would be justice for all. On her way to work that day, she passed places she knew were not open to her. There were diners in which she was not allowed to eat, clothing stores where she was not allowed to shop, even water fountains she could not legally drink from. "White only," and "colored only," signs littered the landscape, proclaiming to the world the dominance of the ruling group. A deep feeling of hopelessness came over her every time she looked...(Read Full Article)