Covering up Iraq's quest for uranium in Africa

The left accepts as gospel the Joseph Wilson—inspired allegation that President Bush lied in his State of the Union address reference to Iraq seeking uranium in Africa. The media and much of the public parrots this line. The allegation is itself a lie. All evidence points to the Plame leak investigation as another battle in the ongoing internal war between US intelligence agencies and the Bush administration.  Of course, the mainstream media is only too happy to support a leftist CIA, which is out to keep its power intact at all costs. But this operation is just as tactically clumsy as the intelligence agencies' ill—prepared efforts to find Saddam's WMD.  Available information shows that the Iraq—Niger connection is, at best, another goof—up of the Iraq Survey Group (ISG), or at worst, a red herring constructed by disgruntled intelligence functionaries to discredit the President. First of all, President Bush never said Saddam tried to buy uranium...(Read Full Article)