Winning Hearts and Minds Doesn't Do It

I was in favor of toppling President Saddam Hussein long before President George W, Bush was. Indeed I have advocated Saddam's removal ever since the following verbal exchange took place in Tokyo between me and the Iraqi ambassador to Japan, two weeks after Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990: Q. 'Your Excellency, did your country use poison gas, which by common definition and under international law is a weapon of mass destruction, during the recent Iran—Iraq war?' A. 'Of course we did, and Iraq will use it again whenever it has to. The poison gas made the Iranians sue for peace immediately, didn't it?' So while I have no quarrel with Mr. Bush's decision to go to war, and to stay in the war, I disagree with the way he has chosen to fight it. By confronting the Iraqi terrorists and insurrectionists primarily with a winning—hearts—and—minds approach, he and his advisors have got it exactly backwards. Whether it was the conquest of Babylonia, or of Persia, or of...(Read Full Article)