Lilya 4-ever

For the movie fan, these are the best of times and the worst of times. Hollywood, in thrall to a dissident segment of American culture at war with traditional values, and addicted to special effects, violence, sex, and adrenalin—producing clichés, only rarely deigns to produce and distribute fare which addresses our minds or souls instead of our nether regions. But in the world of DVDs, we have a bounty of artistic delight available any time we want, and we can pause, rewind, and savor on our own ryhthms. Even as box office returns decline, only a brave few companies think outside the box and bring us meatier fare such as The Passion of the Christ or Sideways, two very different good movies. My own visits to local multiplexes become fewer with each year, special events rather than ordinary recreation. There are simply too many better alternatives available. As movie theatres offer less and less of interest, DVDs offer a burgeoning cornucopia of satisfying and...(Read Full Article)