Cultural genocide in the name of Islam

The Islamic Republic of Iran has renewed its war of destruction on Persian antiquities. Its intention is to build up an Islamic empire and to change the whole face of Iran into a backward purely Islamic nation. The Islamic Republic of Iran sees its Persian heritage as a formidable enemy of its conquest. It aims at turning Iran into a pure form of an Islamic nation. Hence, they have waged a war on Persian antiquities in the hope of suppressing Persian pride and nationalism. "Cultural genocide" is a term sometimes used to describe the deliberate destruction of the cultural heritage of a people or nation for political or military reasons. Since its inception twenty—six years ago, the Islamic Republic of Iran has been in a state of constant war with the Iranian people as well as the Iranian heritage. Over its life span, the Islamic Republic zealots have tried many times to cleanse the pre—Islamic Persian heritage in the name of Islam. First, they declared war against the...(Read Full Article)