Storm Clouds for the GOP?

Newt Gingrich is right, I think, that Republicans should be concerned with the results of the special election for the 2nd district House seat of recently appointed trade representative Rob Portman in the Cincinnati suburbs of Ohio. John Kerry never managed to develop a coherent message on Iraq after he defeated the anti—war candidate Howard Dean for his Party's nomination for President in 2004. But the Dean message seemed to resonate with some voters in this House district that normally votes 65—70% Republican, providing just a narrow win (52% to 48%) for  Republican Jean Schmidt over Iraq veteran and now war opponent Paul Hackett in the open seat race. The 2nd District is rated the second most Republican district in Ohio, so a close race here is a surprise.  Normally , in the House elections every two years, each party targets open seat races, and vulnerable incumbents, those who won with under 55% of the vote in the last cycle. While a seat that goes...(Read Full Article)