More Krugman lies: the Great Unraveling continues

Paul Krugman, provides a small correction box at the bottom of his column today in the New York Times, to deal with some of his multitude of errors in his two recent columns on the Florida election controversy in 2000, and the Ohio controversy (a controversy, really, only for hard core fanatics like Krugman and John Conyers) in 2004. As to Ohio, Krugman's correction is clear: he admits that he said Miami County had a 98% turnout, when it was in fact 72%. This was pointed out by John Hinderaker of Powerline after Krugman's first column last Friday, which argued that Ohio was the second straight stolen election. The Miami County fantasy was at the heart of that charge, and Hinderaker blew Krugman away on that one, as well as on a second county where Krugman charged irregularities. In his second column, Krugman made no attempt to resuscitate the Ohio charges. They are dead, as was Kerry in Ohio, losing by 119,000 votes. Kerry did the right and honorable thing by conceding,...(Read Full Article)