More baloney from Krugman

Paul Krugman, tries to respond today to withering attacks on his column from last Friday in which he declared that a full statewide manual recount would have given Al Gore the victory in Florida in 2000.  Somebody at the New York Times may have gotten concerned about how far from the truth Krugman was straying. In his weak attempt to rehabilitate himself in his column today  Krugman presents three scenarios. The first is the most important:  what would have happened had the US Supreme Court not intervened, and stopped the manual recount of the undervote going on statewide? Krugman's answer is that George Bush would have still been declared the winner. One really need not go any further than this. It is the only useful and completely truthful item in this column and by far the most important. For five years, the left and the Democratic Party have been screaming that the Supreme Court awarded the Presidency to George Bush. Here, the leader of the howling lefty pack, says...(Read Full Article)