The National Guard and homeland security

Tectonic plates are moving in our Total Army force structure. Strategies and units are being realigned from the default Cold War stasis of decades past.  World—wide operations in the War on Terror have shown that in many cases the National Guard is unable to satisfy the required troop strength levels for repeated overseas deployments without adversely affecting unit manning and recruitment goals. For 30 years, the Guard has been largely configured as combat arms formations designed as a supplementary force to 'round out' active Army combat divisions.  In other words, reserve manpower to augment combat formations in mid— to high— intensity wars.  The Army has wisely determined that the Guard's proper focus should return to protecting our homeland. The Chief of the National Guard Bureau has announced a major strategy change for the Guard.  Army Lt. Gen. Steven Blum said that the Guard will play a significant role in Homeland Defense and...(Read Full Article)