Supreme Hype

The media is abuzz and hoping for a great battle. While most Americans are not particularly excited about the choice of a new Associate Justice for the Supreme Court, activists from the left and right, and those who report or comment on politics, are fired up. So it is a worthwhile exercise to separate some of the developing mainstream mythology about the current and future state of the Court from the reality. 1. Sandra Day O'Connor has not been the key swing justice. The liberal activists, Democratic senators and their media acolytes have been making the case that O'Connor has been a good (meaning moderate or centrist) conservative judge — the kind that sometimes votes with the liberal bloc on the court to produce 5—to—4  majorities (and presumably thereby saving the Republic).  Some on the left have let their enthusiasm for Justice O'Connor lead them into the realm of fantasy. The Los Angeles Times editorialized that O'Connor was on the winning side of...(Read Full Article)