Fightin' side of me (a poem)

It's now clear there can be no ambivalence About the Liberals' moral equivalence; Where they now have lost all perspective, Or any desire to be truly objective. Their comparisons began to be troubling When 'Fats' Moore got their fuzzy heads bubbling, With his 'terrorists as Minutemen' inanity, That unleashed all this Liberal insanity.   Amnesty twits poured 'Moore' fuel on the fire; Their calling Gitmo a gulag was sure to inspire The loons on the Left to more treasonous tropes, And 'Moore' metaphors from fifth columnist dopes, With Bush—hating congressmen carping, complaining About conditions no worse than my own basic training, Where screaming mad sergeants deprive you of sleep, Make you sleep on cold ground, and herd you like sheep.   Had they ever served, our deceitful Dick Durbins They'd have more than hot air in their treasonous turbans; Had they worn the uniform, endured deprivation They might not so quickly condemn their own nation. Founding fathers were...(Read Full Article)