Talking the talk vs. walking the walk

Misguided blame—America apologists, ranting political partisans and hopelessly myopic media reporters have been having a field day of late with all manner of supposed transgressions committed by Government officials and the U.S. military. First, the Democrats in the U.S. Senate feigned horror that John Bolton, President Bush's nominee for UN ambassador, may have acted in a somewhat brusque manner in past interactions with his associates. In the Democrats' minds, a forceful personality and strong convictions somehow disqualifies a person for high—level international negotiations when dealing with a corrupt organization and blatantly anti—American rogue states. Then came the 'revelation' by Amnesty International that the U.S. terrorist detention center at Guantanamo Bay was apparently the equivalent of the torturing, murderous Soviet gulags. A skilled, objective observer might be able to spot the subtle differences between the two—such as the fact that the...(Read Full Article)