Ronald Reagan and the Opening Salvos in the War on Terror

We must all work to stamp out the scourge of terrorism that in the Middle East makes war an ever—present threat. — Ronald Reagan The primary foreign policy focus of Ronald Reagan's Presidency was confronting and ultimately defeating the Soviet Union without firing a shot.Yet, during this Presidency he was forced to confront the emerging challenge of global terrorism. Reagan's approach to the war on terror met with a mixture of success and failure.By examining the Reagan years, we can glean valuable lessons on confronting terrorism. Perhaps the best example of how Reagan fired initial salvos in both word and deed in the emerging war on terror was his approach to Libya. From the beginning of Reagan's Presidency, Libya's leader, Colonel Muammar Qaddafi, was constantly challenging and taunting the United States. Libya was believed to be the sponsor of many terrorist organizations across the world, though the intelligence to firmly tie these groups to Libya was tenuous....(Read Full Article)