Muhammad and the Jews

Everyone knows that many millions of the Muslims in the Arab world have a deep hostility towards Jews or 'the Jew.' It seems to have reached a metaphysical level or has debased into an irrational state of mind. The question is: where does it come from? From the anti—Israel news media? The media are powerful. So they may be a factor, partially. Leaders in the Arab world and wider Muslim world constantly shriek that Israel is the oppressor, so this may be a factor in the hostility, but evidence that millions of average Muslims are influenced by their leaders on this matter must be brought forward, in a free and voluntary way without fear of reprisal in a dictatorship. It is difficult to imagine, for example, that millions of Muslims in Indonesia or Malaysia would become human bombs in Palestine or hate the Jews for this geopolitical reason. So where does the deep and irrational hostility come from? Osama bin Laden, the dark prince of terrorism, stands in for countless other...(Read Full Article)