A man's home is Uncle Sam's castle

Possession may be nine—tenths of the law, but not when the law wants your possessions.  This past Thursday was a dark day for freedom in America, as the Supreme Court once again proved that its contempt for the Constitution is only matched by its willingness to court communism.  In a ruling that struck a blow for the powerful at the expense of the little guy, the Court ruled that states had the right to use the principle of eminent domain to seize private property for commercial development.  In other words, if Donald Trump wants your land so he can erect another casino and knows which palms to grease, you can be kicked out of your home.   At issue was the case of Kelo vs. New London, involving hapless homeowners who have been forced to fight a city hall that wants to seize their land for the ostensibly noble purpose of 'public use.'  And what, pray tell, would this public use be?  Answer: to pave the way for different private entities...(Read Full Article)